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you are here: Home > Our Expertise > Thought Leadership > HBR Blog Network: Tony Tjan

HBR Blog Network: Tony Tjan

4.12.2013 by Anthony Tjan

Vice Chairman Tony Tjan is a recognized thought leader in the business arena and is one of the World Economic Forum Global Leaders of Tomorrow. He has a regular blog on Harvard Business Review online, providing insights on a range of topics.

10.15.2013 The Power of Restraint: Always Leave Them Wanting More
(subjects: leadership, sales)
09.10.2013 It Takes Purpose to Become a Billionare
(subjects: entrepreneurship, leadership, organizational culture)
06.17.2013 Becoming a Better Judge of People
(subjects: hiring, leadership, talent management )
04.15.2013 Make Priorities Clear with Green, Yellow, and Red
(subjects: communication, leadership, strategy)